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Creating Smoother Walls for Over 15 Years

We are your one-stop-shop for all your drywalling needs for your residential and commercial properties. Get your free estimate today.

About Us

A perfectly smooth wall is the sign of a beautiful home. Mudkicker Drywall has been providing quality drywall services in Hanmer for over 15 years. Our drywall team does every project with the objective of providing you with great flat walls. Whether you are starting a renovation project or planning new construction, we can take care of all your drywalling needs. Our services include drywall renovation, installation, repair, drywall ceiling, drywall molding, mudding and more. Our services are fully insured and available for residential and commercial clients.

Along with drywalling services, we also provide frame construction and installation. If you would like to customize your interiors with beautiful wall frames, we can get it done. We also take care of taping, insulation and installing a vapour barrier. Call us and get started with your drywalling project today. We will provide you with a free estimate as well.


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